The Maker's Diet: Daily Healthy Organic recipes
Recipe of the day: chicken Soup / stock


1 whole chicken (free range, pastured, or organic)

3 to 4 quarts water filtered

1 tbsp. raw apple cider vinegar

4 medium size onions coarsely chopped

8 carrots peeled & chopped

6 celery stalks chopped

2 to 4 zucchunis

4 to 6 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

1 bunch parsley

5 garlic cloves

4 inches grated ginger

2-4 tbsp. celtic salt

if using a whole chicken remove fat glands and gizzard from the cavity

use feet if you can find them they are full of gelatin that is good for your body.

* place all items except parsley in a large stainless steel pot bring to boil

* remove scum that rises to top

* cover & cook over low heat for 12 to 24 hours

(hint longer it cooks the richer & flavorful the broth)

in addition it also ads mineral ions to the broth

*5 minutes before done add parsley

*remove from heat take chicken out of pot

*let cool & de-bone chicken

save chicken pieces for salads, enchiladas,  sandwiches, curries etc.

* strain stock and reheat to boil then pour stock into clean canning jars immediately and place lids on. (jars are sealed when you hear a pop noise from them or center of top is down)

canned stock is good for one year from date.

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